Saida (7) and Rashid (17) burned in shop [by police?]

Date: 29 December 2007 (Saturday) Location: Nairobi Circumstance: The Nairobi shopkeeper Noor Adam a member of the Luhya tribe targeted by police from a rival tribe. The police shot him in the leg and while begged police to spare his children as he lay bleeding from a bullet wound in front of his shop but they set fire […]

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Politician GG Njuguna Ngengi among dead

Date: January 1st Tuesday afternoon Location: Ngenia farm in Kuresoi Circumstances:  Ngengi was attacked and killed by marauding youths armed with bows and arrows  who disrupted a meeting he was addressing in a bid to broker peace between the warring local communities. Ngengi came to the limelight in the 1990s when he and Assistant minister, […]

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The purpose of this blog is to give the names and faces to those being killed, murdered in the conflict taking place in kenya today

Where the security agencies are culpable, I hope well meaning Kenyans with the requisite skills will seek justice and compensation for the dead.

I can be reached at


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